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Aprilia SR 50 Motard

Aprilia SR Motard 50 Review

The Aprilia Motard 50 is the only scooter Aprilia currently offers for sale in North America. It’s a sporty looking scooter with low profile tires based on the Piaggio Typhoon 50, a model which has been in production since 1993.

The decals and front fender are different than the Typhoon, and the Motard rolls on 14″ rims which will help to soak up the pot holes a little nicer. Previous generations ran on 12″ rims, and while the larger tire sizes may be a little more expensive and hard to come by, you’ll appreciate having the added stability while still finding this scooter easy to handle on winding roads.

Total output is 4.6 HP from its high compression (12:1), 4-valve design. Top speed is a respectable 40mph, while fuel milage is typically 90 mpg.


The Aprilia Motard 50 comes equipped with a 220 mm disk brake up front, and a 140 mm drum brake in the rear. We prefer disk brakes rather than drum brakes, however, on a scooter of this size and power, a rear drum brake is sufficient.

Aprilia SR 50 Motard

In terms of convenience, you can fit a full face helmet under the seat. There is also a hook between and in front of your knees for hanging bags from while riding which will take a small grocery bag with ease.

The Aprilia Motard 50 is in a competitive class (50cc Sport Scooters) and competes with others such as the Yamaha Zuma X, Piaggio Typhoon 50, KYMCO Agility City, KYMCO Super 8 50 2T, and the PGO Metro 50.

For younger riders, the Aprilia SR Motard scooter adds enjoyment and a sporty style to the daily commute, with a sparkling 2-stroke 50cc and a robust 4-stroke 125cc. The Aprilia SR Motard has the aggressive, essential and compact personality of a supermoto, the bike that stands for fun in its purest form. Thrust, acceleration, pick-up, agility in traffic and braking are the “weapons” of the Aprilia SR Motard, a scooter enabling younger riders to lead the way every day on the city streets.

Piaggio Group

We like the Aprilia Motard 50 for it’s style and price, but with no other scooters in Aprilia’s line up available in North America, and Piaggio’s scooter offerings, we can’t help but wonder if this scooter will be around for much longer.


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