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Honda Giorno Review

Honda Giorno Review

The Honda Giorno represents Honda’s cute and cuddly little scooter, at least compared to it’s rugged-looking sibling, the Ruckus. A 50cc four stroke scooter, with front and rear drum brakes rather than disk brakes, the Giorno travels at up to 60 km/hr.

The little scooter excels in fuel economy. According to MotorScooterGuide, “real world economy in mixed conditions should be right around 100 mpg.”

Part of the excellent fuel economy is due to light weight materials. The Giorno uses plastic panels and an aluminum frame, which are relatively light weight materials. The scooter weighs only 179 lbs, or about 40 lbs lighter than an equivalent Vespa with metal bodywork and steel frame.

Honda Giorno Review

The Giorno’s front and rear drum brakes are soft and are not as efficient or safe as drum brakes would be. The Giorno was likely designed with its $2,299 price-point in mind. The Giorno is $800 less expensive than Honda’s other 50cc on the market, the Ruckus.

As far as size is concerned, when compared to the Ruckus, the Giorno will be unable to take on a passenger of anything less than tiny size. However, the Giorno’s advantage over the Ruckus, aside from fuel efficiency, is having enclosed storage under the seat which should fit most full face helmets. Moto123 reported that “the front panel has a storage bin big enough to hold a 1L bottle.” TotalMotorcycle claims that a regulation size basketball will fit under the seat.

For similarly styled scooters at this price-point you may also want to check out the KYMCO Like 50, KYMCO New Sento 50i, Yamaha Vino 50, or the PGO Metro 50.





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  1. Where did you find the information “the Giorno travels at up to 60 km/hr.”?

    My wife’s barely hits 50 km/hr on a level road in perfect conditions, and that is after a long time.

    When I asked Honda for the information, they say they dont give out top speed numbers for the Giorno.

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