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Honda Ruckus

Honda Ruckus Review

The Ruckus was Honda’s first venture into the Canadian scooter market. It has a unique, barebones look. Think of it as the Jeep Wrangler Sport of 50cc scooters. No frills, but it has rugged looks in spades. At one point a 250cc version, called the “Big Ruckus” was available, but for the moment only a 50cc model is available.

The Ruckus has changed little since its introduction in 2003 introduction, although 2006 and newer Honda Ruckus scooters have a newer, safer motor. MotorScootGuide.net points out that motor changes in 2006 and newer models have increased the top speed from 60 km/hr to about 65 km/hr. CycleWorld calls the Honda Ruckus a “little lawn-chair-with-motor,” and says “getting to 30 mph takes about 10 minutes from a stop.”

The lack of enclosed storage on the Ruckus is worth taking into consideration. It means anything left on the scooter is more susceptible to tampering, as well as being exposed to the elements. While you can lock your helmet, your gloves won’t be so secure. Looking like a bad-ass has it’s down sides.

Honda Ruckus

Moreover, those seeking a classic-looking, European-styled scooter, won’t be impressed with the Ruckus’ style. TotalMotorcycle.com indicates that “the Ruckus looks like it could survive a nuclear blast and come out swinging.”  If Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday is what you’re after, check out the KYMCO Sento 50 or KYMCO Sento 110i. If instead you’re looking to channel your inner Mel Gibson, à la Mad Max, welcome home!

Likewise, you’ll appreciate the Ruckus if you’re looking for a scooter that you can customize. The Ruckus has one of the most colourful aftermarket parts, modifications, and online scenes, of all scooters. People love customizing these things.

Lastly, MotorScootGuide.net says ” You can expect an honest 85-100mpg while driving around at full throttle.” Not bad at all.

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