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Why Ride a Scooter in Toronto

Why Ride a Scooter in Toronto

Riding a scooter is fun, empowering, practical, trendy, economical and green-friendly way to change your life. A scooter will take you places in and around Toronto you’ve never been, and you’ll see the city and its wonders in a whole new light. Here are seven reasons why you should ride a scooter in Toronto.

1) Riding a scooter is cheap

The EPA, estimates the average gasoline consumption for a passenger car at 21.5 mpg. Realistically, an SYM HD200 scooter accomplishes about 75mpg, an SYM Symba manages 100mpg and a Citycom 300i also maintains 75mpg. This averages out to about 83.75 miles per gallon, ultimately letting a scooter travel 4 times the distance of the average car with the same amount of fuel.


2) Scooters are cheap on insurance

My scooter, motorcycle, and car insurance policies are all from the same company. The cost of insuring my scooter is roughly half the cost of insuring my motorcycle, which in turn is half the cost of insuring my car. Keeping the scooter insured costs me very little.


3) It’s easy to get your license
All you need to do is take a written test for your M1 license. There are even websites like this one where you can practice writing the Ontario M1 test online.

4) Scooters are a blast to ride
There are two reasons you see people renting scooters on vacation in the Caribbean. The first is that scooters are an absolute hoot to ride. The next time you see someone parking their scooter ask them if they like it and watch their face light up.

Why Ride a Scooter in Toronto

5) Scooters are easy to learn
The second reason you see people renting scooters on vacation is that they are so easy to learn to ride. There are two brakes, and a hand throttle. To accelerate you twist the throttle with your right hand. To brake, you squeeze the levers as you would on a bicycle. That’s it! Most modern scooters function like automatic cars. If you can ride a bicycle, or drive a car, you can figure it out.

6) You can ride in a dress/skirt/fancy shoes
Scooterists can wear all of the same safety gear as motorcyclists, if that’s what you’d like, but if not you can comfortably wear a dress or a skirt on your scooter. Make sure it matches the new Louboutin heels you’ll be buying yourself with all of the money you’re saving.

7) Parking is easy and free-ish
Here’s the scoop: the city is looking into new pilot programs for collecting payments from scooters for parking, but as of 2005, parking for scooters is free in the City of Toronto. More importantly though, scooters are so small in size and so light weight, they fit almost anywhere and can be parked with relative ease.

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